Yas y el tren, Gema Martínez - eBBi Book

Author: Gema Martínez
Traducción: María Jiménez
Voice: Silvia Salut
Illustrations: Luís Pernía
Dictionary: wordreference.com

Yas y el tren
Yas and the train

Gema Martínez

Relato Intermediate - B2

Mischief is second nature to Yas. That’s why, out of boredom, one afternoon he decides to jump over the high school wall and ask the headmaster to let him paint a graffiti. Yas knows that he shouldn’t scare him to death, but then again, Yas doesn’t seem to learn. The truth is, he’s missing his friend Berlin, who now studies philosophy, calls him ‘train-painter’ and no longer comes along on night outings to spread his tag all over town. To let people know he exists.

The text depicts the moment when beloved and close things fade unavoidably. The boy finds himself as an stranger in this world and perhaps, or because of this, a little aggressive.

eBBi Book v2.0
Nivel: Intermediate - B2
Páginas: 9
Audio: 15 min.
Texto & audio: esp
Traducción en paralelo: Inglés

Imágenes de este libro

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