Una palabra tuya, Félix J. Palma - eBBi Book

Author: Félix J. Palma
Traducción: María Jiménez
Voice: Álvaro Rueda Miguel
Illustrations: Enrique Bernal
Dictionary: wordreference.com

Una palabra tuya
One word from you

Félix J. Palma

Relato Advanced - C1

Una palabra tuya is a hilarious story in which the main character is dragged into a tragicomic situation which rouses all his dormant potential. The irruption of surrealism into everyday life is the hallmark of one of the most noteworthy voices in the short-story genre.

Félix J. Palma is one of the most internationally renowned Spanish writers of the moment. A total of 25 countries have acquired the rights to his book 'The Map of the Sky', which in its first few weeks on sale in the United States made its way onto the bestseller list. The short story we offer is included in the book 'El menor espectáculo del mundo' (The smallest show in the world), published in Spanish by Páginas de Espuma. With great ingenuity and large doses of humour he narrates the predicament faced by the protagonist after the kidnapping of his young daughter Sara.

eBBi Book v2.0
Nivel: Advanced - C1
Páginas: 27
Audio: 50 min.
Texto & audio: esp
Traducción en paralelo: Español

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