Varanasi, mujer y cadáver, Inma Aljaro - eBBi Book

Author: Inma Aljaro
Traducción: María Jiménez
Voice: Agurtzane Atencia

Varanasi, mujer y cadáver
Varanasi, woman and corpse

Inma Aljaro

Crónica Intermediate - B2

Hundreds of bodies are burnt every day in Varanasi, the holy city, the sacred city, the city packed with people. Good people, bad people. People. Lots of people.

In this chronicle, Inma Aljaro, writer and traveller, draws an exceptional portrait of the chaotic and surprising atmosphere of one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism, the destination of many ill and elderly people who choose to die there because they believe that it will put an end to the cycle of reincarnation. Varanasi, woman and corpse also shows what goes on behind the scenes, like a woman crying because her husband will not let her go and stay with her sister. “You Western women are very lucky, you are free”, she said to the journalist, who started to understand the reason for the looks she got in that bar where only men went.

eBBi Book v2.0
Nivel: Intermediate - B2
Páginas: 6
Audio: 18 min.
Texto & audio: esp
Traducción en paralelo: Inglés

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